The Television Hosting Blueprint
The only guide you need to develop your brand, hone your skills and build a sustainable career on-camera.

The Television Hosting Blueprint | Barbara Abel
Do You Struggle With Getting Ahead As A TV Host? 
  • Are you tired of wasting time on activities that are not helping you reach your goals?
  • Are you spending a lot of money on tools that don't take your career to the next level?
  • Does personal branding seem like a puzzle you just can't solve?
  • Are you burned out and frustrated from constantly searching for hosting opportunities?
  • Are you discouraged that your career isn't where you thought it would be by now?
  • Do you lack strategy, guidance, and mentorship? 
This is the missing career puzzle piece you've been searching for.
How To Propel Your Hosting Career
1. Purchase The Course
Invest in proven strategies that've helped TV hosts get hired and advance their careers.
2. Put In The Time
Follow the blueprint. The course will walk you through exactly what you need to get ahead.
3. Play The Long Game
Forget about the shortcuts. You get out what you put in. 
But this IS a system that works. 
4. Grow Your Career
Get hired, land your dream job, and watch your career soar!
The Television Hosting Blueprint
The only guide you need to develop your brand, hone your skills and build a sustainable career on-camera.
My name is Barbara Abel and I’m the CEO of Abel Intermedia.

As a casting director, I am active in the television industry and have worked on over 100 unscripted/alternative projects since launching my business. 

I have discovered and helped launch the careers of people like Amy Schumer, Adam Richman, Carson Kressley, Clinton Kelly, Jake Tapper and Ted Allen. 

As a media coach and teacher I have been helping smart, ambitious talent, like Ashley Graham, Carlos Greer, Chrissy Teigen, Sara Haines and hundreds more, turn their dreams into action – for years. But it’s not without blood, sweat and tears. 

These hosts and media professionals have put in the time, and seen the results on the other end.
Like you, they started with a dream. You see, success is not a hobby!

I am well-known in the TV industry from my decades in the industry as a casting director, talent executive and media coach. I know what it takes to get someone to the top.

And that’s what this course is all about.
What's Covered In The Course

Module 1. Mindset + Creating Your Action Plan
  • Lesson 1: Centering
  • Lesson 2: Setting goals
  • Lesson 3: Self-audit checklist
  • Lesson 4: Vision board
  • Lesson 5: Career infrastructure
Module 2. On-Camera Training (Development)
  • Lesson 1: Speaking to the camera
  • Lesson 2: Breaking down scripts
  • Lesson 3: Teleprompter
  • Lesson 4: Interviewing
  • Lesson 5: Vocal exercises
  • Lesson 6: Soft skills
  • Lesson 7: Homework and ongoing training
Module 3. Personal Branding (Marketing)
  • Lesson 1: Personal branding 101
  • Lesson 2: Branding YOU
Module 4. Your Materials (Marketing)
  • Lesson 1: The 12 commandments of headshots
  • Lesson 2: The right resume
  • Lesson 3: Your bio
  • Lesson 4: Your reel
  • Lesson 5: Your website 
  • Lesson 6: Social media
  • Lesson 7: Creating content and YouTube
Module 5. Networking + Contacting the Industry (Creating Opportunities)
  • Lesson 1: 8 winning strategies
  • Lesson 2: Pitching your show
Module 6 . Auditions (Sales)
  • Lesson 1: How to get your head in the game
  • Lesson 2: How to get noticed
  • Lesson 3: Self taping
  • Lesson 4: Skype
  • Lesson 5: Audition 1
  • Lesson 6: The callback
  • Lesson 7: The follow up
  • Lesson 8: Getting the job and keeping the job
  • Lesson 9: Bonus - How to be successful
Module 7. Agents + Representation 
  • Lesson 1: Who, what, when, where and how
Resources + Bonuses
  • What you can do today
  • Books
  • Equipment
  • Productivity tools and hacks
  • Glossary
  • Industry links
  • Make-up kit
  • Wardrobe tips
  • and more....
Course Details: Here’s What You’ll Get
  • Full access to “The Television Hosting Blueprint” Course (7 modules divided into 40+ lessons that you can watch at your own pace)
  • The exact step-by-step process you can follow to grow your career that covers not only WHAT to do but HOW to do it
  • PowerPoint slide downloads of each lesson
  • Checklists that will help you instantly apply what you learn
  • Vocal and breathing exercises
  • Checklist of hard skills and soft skills you need
  • Resources reading lists
  • Insider audition tips
  • Headshot, resume, bio, reel, website, LinkedIn, and social media tips
  • How to build relationships and networking guides
  • And much more!

"Barbara is absolutely amazing in so many different ways. I thought I knew a lot about being an on screen personality but she helped me tap into skills I didn’t even know I had and coached me in finessing the ones I already did. Her dedication to her research before and after our meetings was remarkable. I love Barbara and I’m so happy to have her on my team!"
Ashley Graham - Model

This Course Is Ideal For You If:
  • You're feeling stuck in your career and are unsure how to make the next step
  • You want to grow your brand but are not really sure how to do it
  • You worry that your career is not where it was supposed to be by now
  • You're searching for that missing career puzzle piece that will make your efforts worth it
  • You know something needs to change but you don't know what it is
  • You're tired of the same old, and ready to jumpstart your hosting career
  • You just KNOW you could get more traction if you had some insider guidance
  • You're willing to invest the time and resources to move the needle on your hosting career
  • You're laser-focused on getting ahead
  • You need an industry expert to help guide you
  • You want to learn from a seasoned professional that has proven methods and strategies that WORK
Develop your brand. Hone your skills. Build a sustainable career on-camera.
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